To all my wonderful students from both the North Shore and Vancouver!


Dearest students,

                            I am having some health issues and will be missing a week of class.  Please keep up with the readings I assigned last class:)  You will have an extra week to prepare for your midterm.  That means that the next two classes will be lecture classes!! Lucky you guys!  Feel free to post comments or ask any questions here on the blog.



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  1. are you okay?? hope you get better soon!! and what chapters have we done so far. could you list all the chapters that we have done?

  2. We did the mid term today, and we are all screwed…… They just called us yesterday….and tell us test today….WTH is wrong with them!!!!

  3. Hi Harisson:) I’m sorry things worked out that way. I’m
    Not sure which midterm you were given today but it was not written by me. I will still be giving you the midterm in three weeks so you have lots of time to prepare. I’m
    Really sorry things worked out that way today. I will be back next week and we will sort things out! Kyle;) thank you for your kind words. I will post the chapters on the website Tom.
    Lots of love to you all!

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