Sensory Deprivation Tank


Last night I floated for ninety minutes in a sensory deprivation tank.  I wore ear plugs to block all sound from my ears and floated in water the same temperature as skin.  I floated inside a capsule that allowed no light, sound, or smell to enter.  All of these measures were taking to ensure that my body was receiving absolutely no sensory input from the environment.

I must admit-it was scarier than I thought.  As soon as I got there and saw this capsule/pod-like thing, I began to question why I had wanted to do this in the first place!  I get slightly claustrophobic and am prone to panic attacks so I started to have terrible visions of getting stuck inside the tank, or having a stroke or heart attack and dying by drowning etc.  It took me about thirty or forty minutes to actually close the tank all the way and to truly relax.

Once I was able to relax I truly did…relax.  I lost all sense of time and was shocked when they played the music into the tank that let me know my session was over.  It was so strange to lie with my eyes open and still see complete darkness.  I wondered what my brain was thinking.  It is unusual for the brain to sense that the eyes are open and yet to be receiving no visual input. I have heard that people hallucinate in sensory deprivation tanks, but this was not my experience.  I would like to do it again now that I have gotten all my fears and anxieties out of the way and have a sense of what floating is like.  Also, I started to have to go to the bathroom near the end and this was VERY distracting! Eeek!  I highly recommend the experience.  It was very cool.  Google Vancouver Float House if you are interested and make an appointment:)  Very cool.


I’m off to Mexico in a few hours and will likely be out of a contact for the next week.  Please make sure you are ready for our first class back.  Chapter Seven should be read in its entirety.  Please take notes on the different kinds of learning (instrumental, classical, observational etc)>  and make sure you understand these distinctions. 

Happy New Years my LOVELY LOVELY students:)


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