Mental Health


As we begin to discuss the various psychological disorders, please keep in mind that mental illness does not discriminate.  People of all ages, genders, nationalities, and economic classes suffer from mental illness.  It is not something to be ashamed of, but there is treatment and it is important to seek treatment.  If you feel like you might need to talk to someone about your own mental health or if you feel like someone you know might need help, please refer to the following resources.

1.Your family doctor is a good resource.  They will be able to refer you or direct you to resources more specific to mental health.  You can also go to a drop in clinic or the emergency room and get the same help.

2.  In Non-Emergencies you may use the following numbers:

  • Adults: 604.675.3997
  • Children and Youth: (under 19 years of age) 604.675.3895
  • Children and Youth emergency (under 19 years of age) : 604-874-2300 (phone lines open Monday to Friday 9am -5 pm)
  • Older Adults: 604.709.6785
  • Mental Health Emergency Services: 604.874.7307
  • Addiction Services: 1.866.658.1221
  • North Shore: 604.904.3540


3.  (Crisis lines are a great resource.  People are well-trained and you can call just to chat–about anything at all)

4.  You can always talk to me:)  I am not a doctor but I am a good listener and can direct you towards appropriate resources if necessary. 


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