Ice Cube Addiction




  • This will allow you to experience, first hand (though nowhere near to the same extent as an actual addiction), some of the physical (thirst being a replacement to the cravings or drugs), social, cognitive, and emotional experiences of a person who is actually addicted to a drug.



·      You are to engage in this exercise for 48 consecutive hours. The more strictly you adhere to the guidelines, the more effective the exercise will be for you.


  1. Drug = Your choice of drug is ice cubes. You were first addicted to water, but your addiction had progressed way beyond this. You now need specially processed water which are ice cubes. This analogy is like progressing from cigarettes to marijuana or powder cocaine to crack cocaine.


  1. Craving = Thirst is your craving for the drug ice cubes. Every time you take a drink of any liquid, you must have an ice cube in the liquid. Yes, this will be difficult and will require much planning. Anticipate! This includes all drinking situations such as coffee, water fountains cans, bottles etc.


  1. Legality = Ice cubes are socially unacceptable and illegal. Do not let “regular people” see you or catch you using ice cubes. This applies to friends and family. Only people who can know are other “addicts”.


  1. Obsession = You are to complete an hourly log and answer questions such as are you thirsty, where is you next ice cube coming from, what is your plan to satisfy the craving?


  1. Assignment = Complete log/diary and write paragraph describing your thoughts, feelings, and reaction to the activity.


  1. Discussion = We will be having a “mock” group therapy session in order to discuss your addiction and your experiences of the activity.

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