Vancouver Homework


Videos to watch:

1. Brain Imaging Techniques

2. Brain Imaging

3. Marshmallow Test (two videos)

4.  Synaptic Transmission

5.  How Action Potentials Work

6. How a Neuron Fires

7. Any video labelled Daily Psychology

8.  Three clues to understanding the brain

Make sure you are checking the website regularly and watching any videos labelled Vancouver Homework and Daily Psychology.  If the video or link does not have this label you are not obligated to watch it, but trust me–these videos help!  Your chance of getting a strong mark is greatly increased by taking EXTRA initiative to watch and reinforce these concepts.  Also, watching is best when it is not passive. Take notes and write down questions as you watching the video-this is how you learn!

Do NOT forget to read Chapter 2 for next week!  This is very important!

Happy Weekend my beautiful and crazy minds!


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