To all students!!!!North Shore and Vancouver!!!!



Yes, this is Homer Simpson’s brain! No, you don’t have to name the brain structures in his teeny tiny brain!  I have decided that I will try to post a different video of interest everyday.  In this section I will post ONLY videos that discuss concepts that will be on the AP exam (I will continue to post other videos just for fun but I will label them so you know!).  Please check in and watch these videos as they will help you understand concepts we will be covering in class.

Remember–the more you go over these ideas, the more they will stick in your hippocampus (if you know what I mean by this, you are on your way!!!)  Learn, memorize, review, and review again.  Any video that is labelled “Daily Psychology” is fair game for class discussion, so do your best to look out for these videos and keep up with them.  They will be short–under five mins!  Happy Sunday!


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