Homework Week Four


1.  Re-read Chapter Two.  Guys!  This stuff is hard!  You need to take it upon yourselves to read before and after class!  Bring questions to class for me.  I will be posting some links to help you with understanding action potential and neurotransmitter action–please make sure to watch.  I will mark these videos “North Shore Homework” when I post them so you know they are MUST WATCH.

2.  Watch “Three Clues to Understanding Your Brain” (one video)

3.  Do your brain map

4.  I’m not sure why the homework link is not showing up on the homepage…I’m gonna try to figure it out! Stay tuned for full functioning of abeautifulandcrazymind!



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    • Nope! You need to watch all the videos labelled Homework as well as the Daily Psychology videos. I will be putting a list up but you don’t need to wait for the list–you can scroll through and find the videos labelled North Shore Homework and Daily Psychology. Make sure to REread Chapter Two from the textbook please. This is important.

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