Celebration Dinner


YAYAYAYAYY!!! YIPEEEE!!!! You are all done!

I know it is unlikely anybody still checks this website, but guess what?  I, wonderful and organized teacher than I am, have lost your emails!  I have asked the staff at Elite to send this message to each of you, but just in case it doesn’t reach some of you, I thought I’d try here!


Hello to all my sweet and very wonderful psychology students!
It has now been a week since the AP exam, and so, as promised, I think it is time to celebrate. You each really deserve it for having worked so incredibly hard over the past six months. I propose one of the following dates for a celebratory dinner. Please let know which dates you think might work best for you if you plan to attend.
All the very very best and a hugeeeeee congratulations!

Saturday, May 24
Friday, May 30
Saturday, May 31
Friday, June 6

You can reply to me by email at jaxlovesviolet@gmail.com